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Paris - a city not meant for everyone

Paris - a city not meant for everyone

  When you travel enough, you get a feeling of the place quite fast,once you arrive there.
The places, destinations, could be described as clothing or piece of accessories.
Some places need another fitting before you are certain, if it suits you.
Other places, are an instant match - they just fit you perfectly and make you feel so cozy and comfortable.
Say Ireland,as example.
From the day one, it has suit me like the best,most expensive haute cauture dress.
Ireland is my Karl Lagerfeldt, my Oscar de La Renta, it always makes me look like a million dollar.
It also makes me warm inside out, like having a good Irish whiskey with a warm woolsweater and woolsocks in front of a fireplace.

Other places....
...other places,on the other hand, are like a pair of very uncomfortable shoes - one size too small and with too big heels.
Paris has become these shoes to me, I have bravely tried to fit them on and try walking with them not only once, but twice.
I was trying them on in the middle of the day, and I was trying them on in the middle of the night, and I was still uncomfortable.
Just don't fit, simple as that.
So how long one must keep trying,or is it safe to say, that Paris and myself,are not match made in heaven??

Then there are these neutral places you visit, as a part of your journey or sometimes even as your final destination.
These places are those everyday office suits, neutral, comfortable, let's admit: a bit dull. For me, nothing personal, but Germany is my business suit.

In the final end, there is always that perfect place for each and everyone of us, that place, which brings the best out of you.
Some like to wear the neutral tones, which doesn't bring you to attention too much.
Some like to wear the whole samba carneval outfit, for the opposite reaction among us others: to get the attention.
I am born at 1970s, I am from the hippie era,I suppose.
But what I like to wear most, is to dress to honour the summer - my very favourite season.
I like to wear the colourful flowers,what I see when I go for a run.
I like to wear the soothing blues of waves,what I feel,when I dive into one of the thousands of lakes we have.
I like to wear the velvety green, the colour of our forests,what they look like after rain.
I also like to accessories myself with the colour of the burnt orange, that's how the gourgeous trees look like in their fall catwalk.
And the best accessory of all, is the smile what I wear, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sun...
That is the show-stopper, and the catwalk...
..the catwalk is located right here at home - in a land of forests and lakes.In the land, where the sun refuses to go to sleep at summers, and when it doesn't wanna get out of the bed at winter...

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