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Books - my comfort, my lover, my best friend

Books - my comfort, my lover, my best friend

  Sometimes I struggle to admit, that they are just objects...things...material...
For me, they are so much more than that - having a soul, a character, a story to can anyone possibly call them just things??
Books - for me, represent every possible mood,a person can have.
They make me laugh, often also tears of sadness are brought up to my cheeks, sometimes even anger....
Books are my comfort, my lover, my best friend.

 I have become quite good trusting my instincts and picking up the right book for the right mood, very rarely I go wrong.
I like that...
Because when I am feeling especially vulnerable and weak, I know that my book comforts me, it doesn't surprise me with unpleasant discussions nor corner me with tough questions.
It takes me to the whole different world, different hights, different sceneries.
It makes me forget the real life, the struggles, the restless nights filled with worries and anxieties..

It is also my lover...filling me up with luscious fantasies, starry nights, heated passionate moments.
It doesn't judge me, nor it has a need to analyze me, or try to mold me to become something else.
The book,what I have chosen, takes me as I am, cherishing my unique being, making me special and loved.

Books open a whole new world to me..they take me to the highest mountains of Himalayas, where I could never even dream of going..
They also take me to the hectic, noisy streets of New Delhi, describing the chaos so well, that I can almost smell the chicken curry sold out of those street kitchens.
Books take me back in time...all the way those eras with dinosaurs roaming here, and I am also rocketed to whole other planets...
How can you not love books, when they give you so much??
I learned to read at the age of four, and my life was never the same after that.
I could have never imagined all the adventures,I was about to live through,just by walking to my local library and diving into all those pages of stories I have done already.
And when my own life was chaos, when I was going through my own personal hell on the earth, I was hiding under my bed,reading stories of whales and chimpanzees in the dim light of my little flashlight.
It took me through the wormhole, my own Stargåte, it gave me a sanctuary to breath and rest.

  Sometimes, when I have read an especially interesting book, I feel sad when I have read it...I don't want to depart from its company, not just I try to prolong the au revoirs..
And then there are the classics, those pieces of art, that you keep going back through years, and the story never grows old on you.

So yes....books are my friends, close friends, they have been with me all my life, and never stop amazing me, never disappoint me, or leave me lonely
Thank you for the magical journeys so far, and thank you for those waiting to happen.

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