keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2017

Things we take for granted

The things we take for granted

  Every day is a new chance, a clean canvas to paint and an empty page to write.
Every morning greets us with opportunities and challenges, they are there for us to just reach them and grasp them.
But how many of us actually realizes this??
In this hectic environment, where we live nowadays, we are so busy to rush and keep up with the demands,what we are pressured to do to keep the pace, to not fall off from the wagon.
So, once the alarm goes on in the morning, the race begins.......hurry hurry hurry.
We have a shower, throw in a cup of coffee and take off...
In the buses we stare our laptops and cellphones or read the newspapers, and the same again at the lunchbreak, if we are lucky enough to have one.
Somewhere there, in the middle if this chaos are also
the children and spouses, probably doing the very same, rushing through the day and the week and the month, just like we are.
Life has become a race, a race for the fittest, no time to slow down..if you do, you are out, replaced.

So, when does the life start?
When we are born? When we get to retire? When we have earned enough money??

What if??
What if we never get to live long enough to retire? Or earn that appropriate mount of money? Or what if we are already too sick to enjoy the life by the time we are about to retire from this madness?
Do you have a chrystall ball,where you can foresee your future?
I didn't think so 😉.
I certainly don't have that ability to see to the future, I don't even want to know what is there waiting for me.

So, I have decided to slow down and enjoy this very moment, where I am right now.
Life is precious, and you never know when you take your last breath...
Everything can change in one little moment, so why waste the sand in your hour-glass to the things,what doesn't make you happy?

When is the last time, you kissed your spouse? When did you tell your children,how much they mean to you and actually listened to them?

We have a home to go, not everyone is so lucky.
We have clean water to drink, there are still millions of people in this planet who live without clean water and sanitation.
Our kids get to go to the school, girls too....
That too,is taken for granted. That too, is only a distant dream to some, to learn how to read and write.

Oh, those things we take for granted....
When do we really open our eyes and understand, how lucky we are ??

I am so thankful that I have my health and freedom, so blessed to be a mother of an amazing child.
I am priviledged to have a shelter to sleep, fresh water and food to keep the engine going on.
I have few very close friends, who make my life always a bit brighter and sunnier.

This is my life, and the sand in the hour-glass is my sand.
I don't wanna live without living, I wanna live and feel it in every core of my body.
I wanna smell the roses, feel the wind on my face, feel the salty seawater on my lips.
I wanna see the sunrise like it would be my very last to see.
I wanna enjoy the open camp fire, feel the heat,hear the flames cracking on the wood.
I wanna make love with my body and soul, surrender to the lust and intimacy.
Because when the time is out, when the sand has poured through, I wanna fall asleep in my eternal dream peacefully and smiling.

keskiviikko 4. tammikuuta 2017

When the world doesn't stop talking

When the world doesn't stop talking

 It can become quite overwhelming, constant noise.
No matter where you go, it follows you everywhere.
Noise, in one form or the other.
Noises of traffic, music played too loud, people talking...and talking and talking....and it never seem to stop.
There is also this silent type of noise, such as the written text ( well, mine as well I suppose).
But at this case I mean the news, which always seems to be about wars and poverty and more species becoming endangered etc.....

At some point this all can be a little bit too much to take in.
I find my refuge in solitude. I need to take a step back, and instead of talking, I rather listen or withdraw myself completely from the situation.
I just need that space, where I can hear the birds and the waves of the sea, the sound of the wind echoing from the leaves of the maple tree.

I am not afraid to be alone, I am more afraid to be in contact with another person..well, if not afraid, at least a bit wary and careful.
I am comfortable around other species, and in the nature.
Someone told me once, that nature is overrated and "over romantized" , he is allowed to his opinion and I am allowed to strongly disagree on his opinion.

I could sit hours on the cliff watching the sea changing its colours and moods.
I love to sleep on the tent in the middle of the forest, all my senses sharpened and listening the different sounds around me without really seeing that well, what and who makes them.
I could watch the flames dancing on the camp fire forever, the movements, which reminds me of a talented flamenco dancer or an oriental belly dancer.
I could look at the dark starry skies, marvel the full moon, fall in love to the beauty and miracles of nature and the wilderness over and over again.

And when I put my running shoes on, I never count the distances or the speed or any other numbers, I concentrate to the sheer joy of the movement itself.
I concentrate to listen my heart beat, the feeling of my legs carrying me on wherever I choose to go.
I feel and sense everything with every soul of my body.
I see the woollies enjoying themselves at the green pasture, I see the butterflies on the roadside flowers, I see the shy little deer looking at me in the safe distance in the woods....
And when I get tired, I lay flat in the grass and see the clouds flow by.
I can not stop the world from talking, but I can take my refuge in solitude to remain my inner peace and being able to hear the sounds, what matters to me.