lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2016

Carpe diem

Carpe diem - seize the moment

 Well, since it is the very last day of this year 2016, maybe it is time to take a deep breath and reflect a bit what has happened during this year.
It has been quite a year for me, very challenging year more ways so than one, and it has taken a toll naturally.
People have been coming in and going out of my life like saloon doors, back and forth....
Some left behind nothing but desert dust, others thankfully also lovely memories.
It still seems to be, that I am a handful for many people - especially for those, who don't value honesty and straight-forward attitude.
Yeah, I am far from perfect and I make my mistakes, but I have the guts and decency to apologize when I have behaved badly.
It is a whole different story how my apology has been received, it has been thrown back  at my face for more than once, but that tells volumes about the other person more than of me.
Mostly I seem to be a thorn in the butt to those certain people, who haven't got the admiration and attention they were probably expecting from me, and the egos got bruised ....too bad, what can I do..c'est la vie, eh?

But, every cloud has the silver lining. At the end of the year, there are still those real friends left, who I can always trust and whose friendship I truly value.
So I am lucky, and blessed ❤.
They love me with all my faults and stand by me in the stormiest times, they don't just vanish the moment the ride goes rough, they hold tight on the reelings and ride the storm with me.
They are also tvose people, who deserve to be by my side, when it is time for smooth sailings and amazing sunsets.

 Oh yeah, back to this year....
It was quite a rollercoaster ride, definetely not for fainthearted.
It gave me many lessons, tough ones too, but it gave me fantastic experiences just to balance the year a bit.
I spent lovely time with my son❤, whom I love soooo much, and whom I carry in my heart with me all the time, everywhere I go.
I got to witness my dear friend's happy day, when she said her vows and married the man, who she so deeply loves ❤.
I had super adventures and learnt new things along the way, met nice people and my heart got so many pawprints that are left there for good.

Even though there has been a long dry spell moneywise, been unemployed and un-appreciated, I would still say that rather than poor, I am only financially challenged.
I can not use the word poor by any means, after all I have never been homeless nor left hungry, I am also healthy and I have a freedom to go as I please wherever I want to go....
Of course having a thin wallet and at the same time passion for adventures, it takes certain amount of creativity and boldness, courage and a bit of good luck too, to make it all happen.
I have all that, and then some....
I also have the curiosity and passion for life, and that keeps me going even those bad times.
And the fact, that I am not afraid to dive into deep murky waters in my head, I am constantly learning new things of myself and gain more self-confidence on the journey.

As the year went along and got into december, I had managed to steer my little boat to safe harbour to relax a bit before new seas..
The green pastures, blue skies and the calm waters ga ve me a sense of belonging to somewhere again, which is luxury.
Most of the time, I don't really feel that I would belong anywhere, more likely being this drifting log -not completely home anywhere.
Actually, where I am never lonely, is the road itself..
When I am moving from one place to another, whether I am running or biking or on the bus etc, that's when I feel the most comfortable.
But that's okay too...
I am glad that I don't get lonely that often, it is not a nice feeling, it is overwhelming. It comes like this huge wave and pushes you under, to make you feel out of breath. It is scary and tiring,and sucks the air out of your lungs, but at some point you get back the control and start swimming to the surface to catch some air.
And once you pop up to surface again, breathing heavily, you realize that you survived again.

I survived 2016, bruised, tired, but alive and kicking. I got pushed down, but I got up on my feet every time.
And that, my friends, that is being successful.

Have a fantastic, adventurous and loved new year 2017 ❤

Ann O ' Songland

perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2016

Flying solo

Flying solo, not because I have to, but because I want to

  For quite some years I have been doing this journey called life, on my own. Alone, yet not been lonely.
And let's make this clear from the get go, that being and living alone is not a synonyme to being lonely.
Those rare moments, when I actually feel lonely, are the times, when I am surrounded with lot of people, usually noisy ones too.
I like my life, it's simple, it's drama -free and it's mostly pretty darn fun too.
I am the captain of my own ship, I am the pilot of my own Cessna, I am the leader- the alfa wolf of my own pack. And I like to keep it that way too. When I am the only one, who has the key to my happiness, I don' t get those nasty surprises being betrayed and left heart broken.
I know, that I answer only to myself, and when I screw up, I am the one who has to fix it and do the correcting moves. I am responsible to myself and in the end of the day, the only person I trust 100%, is looking me back from the mirror.
I have made my life during these last years quite like I wanted, my life represents me, who I am, very well indeed.
It has been my goal, to make it mirror my soul and my values and my passions. And I quess I have succeeded on it, at least for the most part, and that' s what counts.
Money and material values have never played a big part in my life, and it shows in everything: how I live and where I live, how I travel etc.....
There is certain type of modesty, and simplicity, in what I do.
There are those few major things, which are an absolute must in how I behave and how I expect others to behave with me: trust and honesty.
It is vital, that one is truly genuine from the core, no add on manouvers, no masks, no roles.
And when I have chosen to fly solo in the future too, I know that whatever happens, I will make it through.
No matter how bad the turbulence, I will fly through it.
It gives me comfort to know, that my wings are strong enough to lift me up and carry me on, even when they are bruised from the storms.
It gives me a peace in mind to know, that the engine inside me, althought it may cough and be light on fuel occasionally, in the end - it will always take me safely to the runway, always.
Flying solo takes me to the places, I never thought I could be going, yet I find myself admiring the sunset of a lifetime or waking up to a most beautiful sunrise.
I have the courage, the will-power, the adventurous soul, the love for life - and with all that everything is possible - I just have to take off and rise up to the skies.....

In the land of fifty shades of green

In the land of fifty shades of green

  Well well, the restless wanderer is back in the emerald island, I have been here from monday and I already feel like a huge load of weight has been shifted from my shoulders.
I feel like myself again : cheery, sunny person with a smile on my face and spark in my eyes. The dark and gloomy curtain has faded away, and I can see and hear everything so clearly now, I can smell the flowers and the air after the rain....
Yeah, I really needed this so badly, this change of sceneries and weather as well.
I feel it in my run as well, my feet are back to the rhytm and the movement is effortless, light, pleasant.
I am enjoying my dear hobby again from the bottom of my heart, after struggling with the lack of motivation to go running the whole fall...
But now all that burden has vanished and I feel like flying, my facial muscles are relaxed and I can feel the big smile taking over my mouth lighting up my eyes like stars.
Every morning I wake up well rested and in good mood, ready for the day ahead of me.
This is the best therapy I could possibly have, and it came as a form of shamrocks and sheep, it came dressed in green and sounding like a up-beat traditional music echoing of the walls from the pub filled with joyous people.
My home away from home this is, Ireland. I am thrilled to be here again, seeing what it has in store for me, what stories to tell and lessons to teach for me.
And I am so ready for everything, what it has on its michievious mind.
Past is past, and so it has to be.
Because if we keep ourselves anchored in our past, we can neverturn the page and see what happens in the next chapter in our lives.
I wanna go forward, feel everything passionately and enjoy life like everyday would be my last on this earth.
Would you join me on this ride?? Would you be with me,when I turn that page and begin that new chapter? Will you be part of that story, or rather be left in the history?
That, my friend, is up to you. But should you decide carry on with me, don' t hold me back - let me feel the wind beneath my wings and as a bird.

perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2016

The mysterious world of the single markets

The mysterious world of the "single market"

 This needs a little bit of opening up, so you get the picture - or at least I hope so.
So, let's get started, shall we??

  Let' s say you are buying a house. The real estate agent manages to win you over with some high superlatives ( in addition to serious sucking up, that comes with territory)and you are one step away from being a happy home owner....
Of course you go to see the house first before signing the papers to be married with the bank for the rest of your life.
The realtor told you about this gourgeous house in a very good location for commuting, and since your hubby likes to fix things a little bit, the house is perfect for d.i.y person.
So you are really excited about seeing your dream home, filled with hopes and fantasies.....
Until - the ugly reality hits you under the belt,and you can see your dreams growing wings and flying away the moment you see the house.
Well, talking about the good location....IF you like to live right beside a busy highway, then it's perfect for you.
Also, the hubby might like ocassionally fix a little bit here and a little bit there, but building the whole house,which is pretty much falling apart, might not be on his agenda. what?? I bet you are disappointed, angry, sad and various other things as well, and you feel like doing some butt-kicking to underline your emotions, but you definetely feel like you have been lied at and given false information and mislead you on purpose.

  Well, let's get back to the main point, the subject of this posting, the mysterious world of the single markets.
It seems quite regular practise, that the single markets are filled with these " promising houses" ,which are marketed to you by real estate agents, who are not at all familiar with the product they are selling - that being themselves.
It all goes wrong right from the start, when the " sales add" is far from reality.
There are occasions, that even the picture is wrong.
So, if you go to the car shop looking for that porche and you get to see the old bruised toyota waiting at the far end of parking lot, you might be a little bit loss of words.

Honesty goes long way with everything, because if you lie, it comes back and bites your ass at some point.
There is less remembering, when you are truthful, to yourself and to everybody else.
I am not saying that you have to undermine yourself,talk down about yourself, nothing like that.
But it is very important, that you actually know who you are, and what you want, and why do you want it in the first place.
If you don' t know that, you are in trouble - not only in your market speech why would you make a good spouse to someone, but because you don't even know yourself who you are.
Because you know it yourself, that if you make a purchase of something and once you receive it and it is nothing like described on the add, you will want to return it and get a refund...and rightfully so.
But if you go and get involved with somebody,and it is all  based on false information, what then??
The person you misleaded on, won't get refund back of that time,that was invested on you. She/he won't get a refund of emotions and feelings that was invested on you.
So, for the future's sake, make it right from the beginning, be genuinely exactly who you are, because in the long run, only that will lead you towards your dreams, without having to giving up of your dignity and values.

Moved on - and that I did

Moved on - and that I did

  My latest blog posting was about moving on, and I took my own advice quite literally and did exactly that.
I became peace with past events, I made closures, and I moved on with my life .
I packed my backpack, took my passport, booked my flight and head towards new beginnings.
It doesn't take very serious detective work to figure out my destination, at least not to those people,who have actually paid attention what I have talked and dreamed about.
Yes - I am going back to the land of leprecaurns and fifty shades of greens...
It is already my third time during this year in the very same country, I keep returning there like a boomerang.
Yes, my friends, I am heading to Ireland - it seems to be my destiny, it has gotten under my skin, dived into the very core of my soul.
Ireland has a good strong hold on me, and I have nothing against that.
Clearly there is something there, that needs to be experienced properly, without a rush.
That land has its own story to tell me, and it might have included me to one or two chapters.
That emerald island has a rhytm on it, which keeps me awake at nights and also soothes me to sweetest of dreams.
Its rugged beauty with sharp cliffs and the greenest of pastures filled with sheep has mesmorized me.
The sea around this land captivates me and lures me to its spell...over and over again.
The rainbow over its sky is picture perfect, the colours so bright that you think you are dreaming.
The rain is a common visitor in this land of magic, sometimes it pours down on you harsh and cold making you shiver to the bone.
Next time it lands softly, caressing your face like a lover's tender kiss, ever so softly.
I want to surrender to the power of this place, I wanna see where it takes me, I wanna open my heart to it, filling me with sensations and feelings and rhytms and colours....
I am ready for you emerald island, make me smile again like a child and hold me close in your kind embrace.
With love: Ann O'Songland