tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2016

I do......or do I????

I do ............. or do I ?????

  Just a little while ago I had the honor to be present in a very special occasion, that being a wedding of a dear friend of mine.
There she was - right beside her man, in front of all their loved ones, promising to be by his side in good days and bad days, in sickness and in health...you know the drill....looking so beautiful that my eyes hurt. The way how she looked at her new husband after I do's, was something else...
There was no doubt in my mind,that this couple wouldn't stand behind those wows,what they just little while ago gave to one another. I knew then, and I know, that no matter what happens, they will stick to those words and stay together till the end of world.
And that's a lot coming from me, I must admit that the life has made me a bit cynical what comes to love stories.I have hard time to believe in that stuff, but in this occasion I am more than happy to be proved wrong, and it actually gives a bit of hope that there can be happily ever after's.
So I most certainly, from the bottom of my heart, wish them all the best ❤.
They made a commitment to each others.

Commitment - what does it mean? I checked it out from dictionary, the definition of commitment.
Here's what it means: Commitment in plain english means, that one is willing to give his/her time and effort to something he/she believes in.
   This of course can be anything from commitment to your partner to commitment to a special project etc....
It can be an athlete's commitment to train hard for next olympics, live and breath to just for that specific moment to give up everything else to just reach that goal.
It can be a young student's commitment to study hard to be accepted to university to become a doctor what she/he wanted to be ever since childhood.

Whatever the commitment is, it is always personal, and always important. It is absolutely imperative, that no-one else undermine's this, only because it differs from their own goals and dreams they are aiming for.

I must admit,that at some dark moments, I have been guilty of questioning someone else's goals, and for that I am sorry, and can only be a better persion tomorrow.
However, I have also been a victim of this very same sin - my commitments have been severely questioned and undermined during last years, it doesn't matter who does it, it still hurts.

I don' t have very fancy or noble goals or achievements I would like to reach, my dreams and goals hardly make the top story let alone gets me the Nobel prize.
But I have always wowed to be honest in everything I do and say, and also true to myself, being genuinely exactly who I am. That is a commitment as well, and that I have wowed to honor.

In this life, where we are bornt, what we live now, we are never ready, we are never there -
But as it goes in arts, never judge an unfinished piece.

I am not not there, I am not done, but I am still a masterpiece of who I am- today, in this light, with these shades.

sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2016

Are we all for sale,if the price is right?

Are we all for sale, if the price is right?

  Every morning I wake up to a world, where somewhere someone is battling for her or his life, where people are killed at this very moment.
Every evening, when I am ready to go to bed, somewhere someone just lost not only the safety of her home, but also someone she loved and cared and never be able to see them again.
What for? Why are people being killed? By whom?
When does it stop? Does it stop? Ever?
Has the world become mad? What is happening to us, as a species? What makes us behave like this, hurting others, killing and torturing? What creates these monsters? Do we all have a gene, which could make each and every one of us turned out to be evil? Does one born to be evil or does it happen later in life?
If it happens later, what can possibly make someone from a kind person to suddenly become so vicious, so venomous?
As long as I remember, from my very early childhood memories, there were always people in war somewhere in this planet.
And when the school started, and the history, that was also filled with wars.
Something, however was different at those wars in ancient history. Back then, the leaders, the commanders, they were in the frontline themselves.
Now, the leaders of great nations, sit with their business suits on and press the buttons, making someone else doing the dirty work for them.
Now, nobody cares of the casualties, the innocent people are just called collateral damage, just numbers, no names, no faces.
Are we all just pawns on this giant casino, where certain people play all or nothing, no matter what the cost?

Let's get back from the battlefields for now.

Do you know your market value? Do you know how much you are worth?
It is painful to see, how the government values us all, and they do it by cold hard numbers.
And it has become painfully clear, that we are just merchandise, we are disposable.You only need to observe, how our senior citizens are treated and cared for by politicians.
"Thank you for your services, but you are no longer beneficial to us, you are a cost and liability".
That is the message, loud and clear, and all the decisions what have been made and all the cuts from the budget what has been done and will be done, tells the truth. It is there for all us to see, and it screams out loud: If you are no certain value to us, you are disposable.
So it has come to this. In the land, where we are encouraged to be more environmentally friendly, we are still wasting a LOT of great natural resources, we are wasting human lives.
Man can make power from water and sun, why we throw away so much skills, creative minds, talents, ideas??? It is unbearable and short minded with a recipe for disaster.
Talking about sustainable development, eh?

So, have you given it a thought? What is your market value? And is the number equal with the other number:  What are you worth?
And in the end - which is more important to you?
Are you for sale, if the price is right?
Or do we still have a tiny chance here,for better future?
The more this planet has people, whose values of honesty and decency, are not for sale, at for any price, the better chance we have for more peaceful future.

Live and let live❤

tiistai 4. lokakuuta 2016

Simplicity - and when did that became a curse?

Simplicity - and when did that became a curse?

  Homo sapiens, supposingly the most intelligent species on this planet. Now there's something to question and argue about, and personally I highly doubt that.
But this time I concentrate to one thing, that being the word " simple".
At what point this became more a curse than a good thing?
Why do we make everything so complicated, when it all really could be just easy and simple?
Is there something fundamentally wrong about it, if one wants to have a simple life?? No drama, no bullshit, no nonsense, just plain simple.
Why do we do things hard way, if we can find an alternative to that, the easier way?
Are we worried, that we don't learn the life's important lessons, if we keep our own lives too simple, if we don't suffer enough to get what we want etc...??
If something is achieved with less effort and pain, is that less valued among others?

We are a very odd species, that is for sure, no doubt about it.
I have couple good examples to shine some light to this whole thing I'm on about.

Relationships - I'm a single myself, have been that a good 6 years, and enjoying it a lot, since for me being on my own is not a misery or something to get rid off.
However, I have had an opportunity to follow fairly closely this today's single life and datings and putting yourself out there.
And let me tell you this boys and girls, things have changed a lot while I was married, and not for the better...hell no ....quite the contrary...

What a circus it is nowadays, so many rules and so many hidden rules, it's like a freaking rocket science, that's what it is.
And when social media took part on this dating market with all the different groups and internet dating pages, then it really exploded...
I mean ..seriously....how the heck our parents and grandparents ever found their loved ones, they didn't have all these helpful internet appliances for that.😉?
How did they ever became from single to married, or got themselves to a date, no tinder or anything during those times????
I miss those times, that simplicity, it wasn't so complicated back then...or was it?
So back to the recent time....why do we make everything so hard? Even meeting new people? Going out for a simple date nowadays seem to require more preparations than getting ready to presidential debate on tv ( well....it depends of the candidate😄).
The whole thing is analyzed to bits before the date has actually even picked you up.
In parades the what if's and should I and could I etc....
And you can consider yourself lucky to get to that point in the first place, going out on a date that is.
The process starts way before that..the oh so familiar analyzing.
It starts there on the internet....the meat-market, where everyone is putting themselves with a brave smile and hoping to find that famous soulmate..
And everybody says that they don't have any list of criterias, but after listening/reading a bit more, the list of criterias have appeared and is not that short after all...
Well....could we just forget all those lists and meet new people with curiosity and open minds? Keep it simple, it can't possible get any worse than it already is...

Now back to that other example....
I know, that is a juicy topic we just talked about earlier, and I will get back to it another time.

Simple life...
If you don't enjoy digging on the garden, why buy a house? If you like less cleaning, and you don't own a car, you don't like that gardening, then the only thing that make sense, is to live in a apartment building close enough to town and its services.
What is wrong with that?? Absolutely nothing!!!! It is a choice, just as much as living on a town house or in the farm, they are all choices made by individuals by their own likings.
None of them are better than the other, they are different, that's all.
Maybe living in the city on that apartment is easier many ways, but so what??? It is a choice open to anybody, who wants to live like that.

There is nothing wrong to live a simple life, to simplify things. Not everything in life has to be a struggle, there is plenty of that in store anyways..for all of us....
So what's the harm, if you relax a little, ease things up, cut back someworkload where you can, so you have time to smell the roses??

Let's keep it simple ❤