perjantai 10. tammikuuta 2014

        Hello again everyone:)
    I thought, that maybe I should write one blog introducing myself, so you would know who this person is,who writes this blog. And I am writing this in english now, because I have friends from many corners of this globe.
  I guess the most logical part would be starting from the very beginning - when I was born, but that would be too obvious, and you would be dead bored very soon:)  So, I' ll try to make this short and painless, and somewhat easy to read without falling asleep before the end....

    I am soon 44 years old, was born at april the 10th at 1970 - a spring child indeed. My home town is in Eastern - Finland, called Kuopio, and being " savolainen " ( from county Savo) I got the questionable talent of endless talking - being verbally active and talented can be indeed a gift from God, but also a painful curse, or both at the same time.

    I got seriously bitten by a travel bug when I was 20 years old, and hasn't stopped moving around and about ever since....I have this endless childlike curiosity of world around me and exploring the planet and its countries.
  I have been au pairing in England, taking care of horses in Ireland, in a student exchange program in Portugal, lived in Canada for 5 years, travelling with my family in caravan all around Europe etc.....
 And at 2009 I found my passion: bicycle touring with my red devil - and that passion has taken me completely, I love it!!!!

    I have always loved animals and nature - always! It is the animals and nature, which have kept me floating instead of sinking to the bottom of the sea,when being lowest and having hard times...nature is my church and animals are my guardian angels.

   I have 2 beautiful sons, and I love them dearly - I try to be as good mom as possible, and being a parent and a mother is the most challenging,yet rewarding relationship I am capable of.

    I am a restless soul -I can't stay still for a long time, it drives me crazy and everybody around me also. For a long time I had a low self esteem, it took forever to build it where I am today - standing strong on my own feet and truly believing to myself.
I have learnt to like myself  just the way I am, accept the weaknesses and living with them, and learning to respect my body and liking what I see from the mirror -it has been a long journey, but I can finally say that I am happy and I am worthy being me.
   I am a person, who enjoys her space and the freedom and being independent, living and being on my own without being lonely or feeling half-of-a person.
 I have my own values, money or material life has never played a big and important part in my life - or any shallow stuff...I have never been interested in  fashion, shopping, make up etc...I am missing that female gene in my body, but I don't mind at all.

    In general I am optimistic and I smile and laugh a lot. I am a loyal friend,  trust and honesty are the key words! I  try to remain positive and being open-minded. At my best, I am a fun person to be with, but at my worst, I am a serious pain in the butt and absolutely unbearable asshole...(excuse me).

    So, this is me.....patience is not one of my virtues and this winter has been for me quite a challenge to survive....but there is light in the end of this tunnel - the spring will come,and then I feel like living with 100% of my being....

    I talk to you later again, enjoy your day,wherever you are!!!

  My true friends: I love you <3 thank you for staying by my side all these years!